magazine headerThe following back issues of Searching The Scriptures have been scanned. Thus, you may find errors within the HTML version where the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) did not correctly interpret the letters. The most common problem was a failure to identify the space between words.  Due to the number of articles we are trying to post, it is next to impossible to correct all of those problems before posting. Please notify the webmaster of any major problems you encounter.

The archives are available in PDF format to maintain the original look of the paper as it was published.  Our thanks to Bennie Johns who did the scanning.  If you wish to read or print the issues, this is the recommended format. The whole purpose for publishing the HTML version was to make the contents of the site searchable.

About this site

(From the Webmaster) First of all, let me apologize for the errors within the HTML format.  As previously stated, these are due to the imperfections within the OCR technology used to create this version of the paper.  While understanding its weaknesses, it is difficult to imagine completing this project without this technology.

When starting this project, my goal was to create a website worthy of the respect and reputation that Searching the Scriptures has attained.  I consider it a great honor to play even the smallest part in helping to preserve this work for succeeding generations.

When you read the articles in the last issue, you get a glimpse of what this work meant to the men who spent endless hours preparing it.  The comparatively few hours I have spent working on this project were done in the hopes this work, this labor of love, will be preserved.  While true that many of the details have changed with time, the issues have not.  It is my sincere hope and prayer the voices of these men will continue to be heard, standing up for the truth, defending what is right, condemning what is wrong, and encouraging us to search the Scriptures daily as God would have us to do. – T. Keese

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