by Bobby Adams

I had been a reader of Searching the Scriptures many years before Connie and I were married and had always loved and appreciated its’ stand for truth. However,after I came to work in the office seven years ago, my interest increased considerably. As I worked with subscriptions, I came to think of each of you readers as friends. It was delightful to be able to meet some of you in our gospel meetings or at lectures. The subs then had faces. I will miss each of you. I have enjoyed working with Joan Rader, Jane Ashbrook and Karen Arbuckle these past seven years. A grateful “thanks” to each.

So it is with mixed emotions that I view the closing of the paper. The very thought brings me to tears because I know the deep love Connie has for it. I have seen him agonize over various issues, always desiring, first and foremost, that God be pleased with his decisions. I have seen him fearful that he was not giving his very best to both his readers and to his preaching. So it will be somewhat a relief to have the deadlines removed so he can devote all of his time to his first love, preaching the Word, (and perhaps seeing our children and grandchildren a little more often).