Truth and truth alone can make men free. Our Master taught this lesson to the Jews that believed on him in John 8:32. With this issue of SEARCHING THE SCRIPTURES you hold in your hand a new paper that is born to do just that. The truth has a right to be heard from the pulpit, over the air lanes, on the television screen, and on the printed page. This is one purpose of SEARCHING THE SCRIPTURES.  After almost two years of publishing the SOUTHEASTERN NEWS LETTER, your editors are broadening the scope of their activity by adding a major monthly to the list of periodicals in the brotherhood.  We are not ignorant of the trials that are always present in such a work. No matter what may appear in these pages some will be dissatisfied. We realize the impossibility of pleasing all men and will, therefore, be devoted to pleasing God and his Son, Jesus Christ. We are trying to do good, not evil. We are determined to teach the pure gospel as it is taught in the New Testament, nothing more and nothing less.

We do not become obligated to personally endorse everything that may appear in this publication. Each writer will be responsible for his own writing. We have, however, selected a few men who are sound, loyal gospel preachers and teachers and invited them to write.  No claim is laid to perfection. We have, and will, make mistakes. The pages of SEARCHING THE SCRIPTURES will be open to men of good faith. We will allow anyone who has something worthwhile to say to speak his mind. We will not, however, allow propagandists to sow seeds of discord. This paper will not be devoted to unfair controversy and personal sarcasm. That does not mean that controversial matters will not be discussed; on the contrary, they will be freely discussed.

We mean that this paper does not exist to wage any particular battle for or against a given issue. We intend to attack all forms of departure from the truth, and to contend for the faith once for all delivered. Certainly disputed issues will be dealt with. The apostles in the New Testament dealt with issues that opposed Christianity. The plagues of modernism, institutionalism, indifference, worldliness and such like,are matters that demand our attention today; we must deal with them to be faithful to the Lord. In doing this we do not have to manifest an unchristian spirit.  We have no policy but to be scriptural, fair, sincere, and faithful in our work as editors of this paper. We know nothing more that could be asked of us in presenting this paper for your edification. Let us work together to stimulate more interest in “Searching the Scriptures” to know the truth, for it is only the truth of God that will make men free. We ask your help in getting subscriptions. The subscription price is $2 per year.

H. E. Phillips James P. Miller