Answers For Our Hope — Marshall E. Potion
I Cor 11 1 – 16 — Brother Lewis’ Review 326
Building, Social Activities In The Church 99
B u i l d i n g Used For Weddings And Funerals, T he Church 4
Building, Using The Church 70
Christmas As A Civil Holiday 373
Covering Of I Cor 11 1- 16, T he 243
Divine Healing By Elders 308
Divorce And Remarriage 130
Fellowship H a l l s And Social Meals38 I n stitutionalism 167
Parables Of Christ 340
Sabbath, Observing The 195
Spirits I n Prison, The 275
The Law — Gentiles And Jews25 Voting — Majority Rule . 293
Arrows Of Truth For Denominational Error— Ward Hogland
A Hundred Mi l l i o n Dollars— And No Gam 118
“A Round- up At Talco” 260
Apostolic Examples, T he Power Of 328
Apostolic Examples, The Power Of — No 2 379
Baptism — Not A Drop Of Water 51
Bogard’s Baptist Way Book 199
Bogard’s Baptist Way Book — No. 2 211
Bogard and Campbellism 246
Campaign Meeting, T he Big 24
‘Consolidation” 1 80
E mbellish Or E dify 131
Love — The Greatest Of These 39
Modernism In Disguise 72
Right And Left, The Extreme 103
The Call Of An Alien Sinner To Preach 342
The F a l l i n g Tree 356
‘T h e Lemmons Lovell Exchange’ 230
The Mountain Of The Lord’s House 83
‘ T he Poor Sisters Of S aint Francis ‘ 31 1
Works — A Play On Words — No 2 5
Baptist Doctrine, The Errors Of— H. F. Sharp
Dead Act? — No. 4, Can T he 108
Depravity 46
Depravity — No. 2 73
Elect Only In Baptist Doctrine— No 3 86
L i m i t e d Atonement— No 5 121
Primitive Baptist Doctrine 135
P r i m i t i v e Baptist Doctrine 150
Bible Word Studies— E. V. Srygley, Jr.
Benevolence 200
Benevolence — No 2 227
Benevolence — No 3 245
Benevolence — No 4 268
Benevolence — No 5 295
Benevolence — No 6 330
Benevolence — No 7 343
‘Biblical Words Of Luke & Acts — No 2 15
1Biblical ‘ Words Of L u k e & Acts — No 3 25
Catholicism, The Errors Of — Luther W. Martin
A Confused C a t h o l i c And T he Pelican 147
A T ypical Letter From A Roman Catholic 211
Authority In Religion 259
Baptism — By A Roman Scholar, Comments On T he Subject Of 276
Blessing Statues? What Do Catholics Mean By 120
Catholic Admissions 6
Catholic Admissions 44
Catholicism’s Opposition To The E n g l i sh Bible 228
‘Clerical Celibacy And God’s Word ! 309
‘Forced Baptism And Roman Catholic Hospitals 332
‘Freedom ‘ and ‘ Censorship” As Defined By Roman Catholicism 134
Marriage With A Roman Catholic . Becoming “Unequally Yoked” 197
P o l i t i c a l Candidates, One Reason Why “Protestants ‘ Are Suspicious
Of Roman Catholic 375
Roman Catholic Efforts To Change The Context Of Scripture 172
“Saints”, T he Sub|ect Of 181
Salvation Outside The Roman Catholic Church? Yes Or No I 357
Simon Peter — Apostle Or Bishop Of Rome’ 101
Summary Of Vatican ( I I ) Council Documents 28
The Bible Is A Catholic Book — A Review 294
The Finger bone Of Saint Anne 245

And The People Stood Beholding 300
Bassett, Don
California The Work In 123
California The Work In — No 2 156
California The Work In — No 3 171
Blackford, Dick
Moderate Drinking The Bible And Today’s 298
No Pattern Theory — Some Sad Results The 156
Bozarth, Elvis
Revelation The Finality Of 297
Butler, Thomas G.
Hender son Walter N. 265
Buffer, Vernon R.
Divorce And Remarriage’ It It Possible To Scripturally 11 1
Cogdill, Roy E.
Hale Spears Debate In Oklahoma City The 77
Crawley, Eugene
Time Ye Ought To Be The 189
Dean, G. D
Women T o Speak In T he Assembly I t I sn’ t Right For 141
Denison, James L.
Church The 318
Difference There Is A 350
Dicus, A. W.
Scientist Teach What 140
Dortch, Gene
Church Building Using The 48
Church Building Social Activities In The 100
Duncan, Billy
Morality Basis For 366
Worthy Reading 299
Eldridge, George T.
Henry County Tennessee 91
Salt lake City Ogden Utah Area Jesus Cause In The 277
Flatt, Curtis E.
False Teachers Among You — Who Are They’ 11 6
Family The Power Of One 151
Wisdom The Bitter Fruits Of Earthly 87
Fly, Earl
Jackson Tennessee Report From 169
Fudge, Roy S.
Reason, By Faith Or Human 152
Givens, Donald R.
Sin Glorifying And Glamorizing 270
Authority Bible 12
I n stitutionalism A History 168
Grider, A. C.
Checked Up On Me 124
Smith Christian Debate The 202
Wrong If Is I s 86
Hafley, Larry Ray
God’s Word Stands Alone? What Happens When 344
Halbrook, Ron
Christians And Use Of Arms An I nquiry 359
Hall, J. D.. Jr.
Another Lion Roars 67
Halstead, Dana
Divorce And Remarry’ A Review Of Is It Possible To 188
Harkrider, Robert
Australia The Lord’s Work In 362
Hendricks, Roger M.
Humility The Meaning And Essentiality Of 146
Hendrix, Charles M
Communication 310
Hirshey, Kenneth
Cornerstone Story The 105
Hodges, James A
Coins In The Gospels The 60
Holderby, Olen
An Ancient Lesson For Modern Use 315
Hughes, Thomas
Middle Of The Road Get Out Of The 358
Ingram, J. Frank
Truth Our Weapon Is The 94

Jenkins, Ferrell
Totty Mosby Debate The 203
Knapp, Edwin P.
Liberal’s Dilemma The 95
LaCoste, Robert J.
Glory What Price Personal 88
Lewis, Brent
Benevolence’ Is The Church Limited In Its 197
Blood The Precious 238
Churches Of Christ Achieved Denominational Status For 272
Funeral A Sad 254
Proof Text I Long Live The 256
Lewis. William H.
Divorce — The One Exception Of Matt 19 9 61
I Cor 11 2 16 — A Review Of Bro Mar shall Patton On 324
I Cor 1 1 2 16 — A Review Of Br o Mar shall Patton On — No 2 371
McCullogh, Carl
Ireland Says Come Christ Said Go 154
Martin. Luther W.
An Open Letter To The Stewart Avenue Church Of Christ —
Sedalia Mo 107
Incorrect Report Circulated By Spokesman For
Sedalia (Mo ) 126
Straining Out Gnats And Swallowing Camels 62
Miller, James P.
Chur ch Do To Be Saved’ What Must The 97
Her ald Of Truth Pressure And The 1
Things Appointed 323
Surles Albert Roy Jr 345
Mott, L. A., Jr.
Baptized For Remission And Hanged For Murder 145
Catholicism — L etter To A Newspaper Editor 7
Eis In Matthew 1 2 41 49
Galatians 6:10 — Independent Or Collective Actions’ 210
Scriptural Precedent 240
Nowlin, J. Edward
Organized Effort 222
O’Neal, Thomas G.
Sentinel Of Denominational Error 369
Sentinel Of Truth — Answering The Invitation 30
Owens, E. C.
Christianity The Undenominational Character Of 302
Marriages Divorces And Remarriages 95
Patton, Herschel E.
Churches The State Of American 214
Lewis John T. 235
Patton, Marshall E.
Jackson Craft Debate The 267
Pascual, Tahana
Venezuela The Need For Missionary Work In 279
Phillips. H. E.
Anti-Orphan Home Movement In Tampa The 113
Church The Lord’s 17
Church — J. D. Hall’s Article The 65
Digression Marches On 81
Have We T otally Failed’ 320
Heist Nannie — A Great Woman Has Finished Her Course 226
Instrumental Music David And 224
Love The Real Meaning Of 291
Marking The Offenders 176
Pre|udiced’ Ar e You 192
Revelation’ What I s 304
Searching The Scriptures For 1968 New 353
Pierce, Bill
Norwegian Work Report On The 281
Porter, Richard
Inspiration Of The Scriptures The 136
Puckett, Carroll W.
Montgomery Debate The 160
Rogol, Leo
Action And The Univer sal Church 187
Action And The Universal Church — No 2 204
Action And The Universal Church — No 3 213
Action And The Universal Church — No 4 229
Action And The Universal Church — No 5 247
Action And The Univer sal Church — No 6 261
Rury, James W.
Roberts Anna T. 10

Sadorra, Ronnie P.
Gunselman, A Review Of 250
Sexton, William C.
Disturbed And Strengthened 336
Ready T o Preach The Gospel I n Saint Joseph, Missouri 123
What Happened’ 288
Where Are You? 220
Shelton, D. W. H.
Fornication And Adultery 111
Skinner, Conway
Hospitality A Bi g Difference 1 86
Sloan, Leslie E.
Church, The Purity Of The 144
Church, The Purity Of The 286
‘ God I s Dead” 33
Smith. J. T.
Denominationalism Is Wrong, Why 128
Grider— McCaghren Debate, Review Of The 202
I n stitutionalism Should Not Even Be An I ssue11 172
Pressure”‘ No 57
Women To Speak In The Assembly’ Is It Right For 126
Snell, J. R.
Debate In Big ‘D’ 251
Spears, Dudley Ross
O’Neal-Ballard Debate, The 347
Tipton Home, Elders Or Director s Of The 1 10
Thornhill. Thomas A.
“‘Must We For ever Cr y In Vain'” 79
Thurman, John A.
Liberals, More Liberal Than Most 362
Tuten, Bob
Jesus, The Epitaph Of 208
“We Ar e Well Able To Take It” 282
Tuten, Jimmy, Jr.
Nothing Ever Seems To Go Over 132
West, Sob
Love Me, But Don’t Correct Me 89
Yopp, James L.
Brock McWhorter Debate 14
Brock McWhorter Debate — No 2 28

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